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Visa Information

We will continue to update this page as we get more information, or as things change.

Mexico & Central America

Country   Days Allowed   Fees   Comments
Mexico   180   $17 – $30   no visa req’d, get tourist card, can renew for a 2nd 180 days
Guatemala   90     not required up to 90 days
El Salvador   30   $10   involved with Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras; 90 days for all 4 countries, extensions allowed
Honduras   30     not required up to 30 days
Nicaragua   30; 90   $5; $32   tourist card required, but not visa; departure tax $32
Costa Rica     90   not required up to 90 days
Panama   30-90   varies   visas not required; 30 day tourist card extendable up to 90 days; could be free or up to $60
Belize   30   $18.75   departure fees by land; no visa required

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South America

Country   Days Allowed   Fees   Comments
Colombia   60     not required up to 60 days, must enter at official border crossing
Ecuador   90     not required up to 90 days
Peru   90     not required up to 90 days
Chile   90   $131   no visa
Bolivia   90   $100   get a 5-year visa; can enter 3x a yr for up to 90 days total per year; need yellow fever shot
Argentina   90     not required up to 90 days
Uruguay   90-180   $42?   no visa; can get 90 days extended to 180
Paraguay   90-180   $45-$65   $45 for one entry; $65 for multiple entry
Brazil   180   $130   can enter multiple times during the 6 months, stay up to 90 days ea time, can get extension; need yellow fever shot
French Guiana   90   ?   no visa required
Surinam   60-180   $30-$90   $30 for 60 days; $60 for multiple entry for 90-120 days; $90 for 180 days
Guyana   30   $30?   no visa required
Venezuela   90   $0-$40   no visa; $0 for multiple entry, nothing for single entry

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The Caribbean Islands

Country   Days Allowed   Fees   Comments
Aruba (Netherlands)      
Curacao (Netherlands)      
Trinidad & Tobago      
St. Vincent and Grenadines      
St. Lucia      
Guadeloupe (France)      
St. Martin (France)      
St. Barts (France)      
Martinique (France)      
Antigua & Barbuda (UK)      
Anguilla (UK)      
St. Kitts & Nevis      
British Virgin Islands (UK)      
Virgin Islands (US)      
Puerto Rico (US)      
Dominican Republic      

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