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Clothing, Gear and Equipment Links

North – great line of cold weather clothing; designed for snow sports, and other cold weather adventures. We’re currently using their light windshell jacket, long pants, and Impulse Hoodies (we use them for cold weather cycling jerseys).

Massey’s – a great store we found in New Orleans, with an online presence. They carry an array of brands and gear for any adventure. Rosemary got her Chaco Z1 sandals there, and she is really happy with them.

Winter – We tried one round of shirts from them, which were too thin to wear alone, but our second set are thicker, warmer, and so comfortable we practically live in them! We still want a few pairs of their pajamas, and some more of their winter underclothes. – one of our favorite places; good variety of travel and outdoor recreation products; excellent product quality; good prices; great refund and returns policy; they are a little pricier than REI for most things, but there are some things we can’t find elsewhere; most everything we have gotten there has become a lifetime favorite, and wears extremely well, with great functionality (we’ve worn the same L.L.Bean fishing shirts and shorts out kayaking every Friday for the last almost-4-years, and they are still in excellent condition, other than being worn and comfortable; and Chelsea now has a new high-visibility baseball-style water sports hat that instantly became a staple – she uses it for kayaking).

Outdoor – offers apparel, hand wear, headwear, storage systems, expedition products, shelter systems; we’ll be taking the Hydroseal dry-sacks with us to protect our gear and clothing from rain; good prices; we’ll let you know about the quality and durability after we’ve tried them for a while.

Kittery Trading – Large inventory of outdoor recreational gear, clothing and footwear for hunting, fishing, camping, and kayaking. – extensive line of active-wear clothing, footwear, gear, and accessories; great products; great value; great prices; we have several Columbia products that have been lifelines in our active lives. – an incredible selection of everything you can imagine for camping and outdoor living; fairly narrow selection within each area; some good natural alternatives to chemicals in the shampoo and bug repellent products; good brand names; good prices; amazing close-out deals. – active-wear clothing, hats; focus on sun protection factors; reasonable prices; we have our eye on a few things in the catalogue. – variety of travel-related products -watches, wallets, shoes, belts, CD and DVD cases; an unusual selection of products; focus on "quality and distinction". – wide variety of entertaining and useful products, some of which are great for travel, such as a portable cell-phone charger, passport holders, and many others; good prices; fun looking at the catalogue.

SunDay – hats, sun hats, and sun protection clothing to keep you out of the sun during long days outside. We’ve found that sun protective clothing is a lot more effective for a long day than sunscreen, since it doesn’t wear off.