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Women Specific Links

Personal Hygiene
Clothing and Accessories


Personal Hygiene

Travel – personal hygiene products useful for difficult situations; allows "answering the call of nature" while seated in cars, boats and small aircraft, or while standing, and while remaining fully-clothed; award winning device; we’ll be taking two with us for our long trek, and we’ll let you know how effective they are.

Diva – Use code FEN369 for a discount when you buy it on the iherb website. The DivaCup is a revolutionary alternative to tampons and pads. It eliminates the inconvenience of disposable products in endless absorbencies, shapes and sizes. It is the most environmentally-responsible feminine choice because it is reusable, reduces landfill waste and your eco-footprint! Ultimate freedom: enjoy your daily activities, traveling, yoga, driving, camping, dancing, extreme sports and more….without leaks.


Clothing and Accessories

Team – cycling clothing; seriously great designs & brand names – if you want something different, this is the place; good prices; good customer service; we’ve gotten a few things here that we love, and it’s another catalogue that we get and daydream about what we’ll buy.

Title – great active/outdoor/traveler clothing; good technical fabrics, good designs; shoes, backpacks and wallets; incredible selection of sports bras and active-wear bras; reasonable prices. – active wear; good designs; good brands; a lot of organic cotton; good selection of shoes in the most current active-wear brands; reasonable prices. – active outdoor wear; some jewelry, shoes, and handbags; good technical fabrics; reasonable prices; lots of organic fabrics.