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Verizon Wireless www. – We have used Verizon Wireless for a number of years now, and we have found that their customer service is wonderful, and their service areas are the best in the US. We also LOVE our Verizon Wireless laptop card – often when we can’t get to any wireless hotspots, we can still access internet through our Verizon Wireless card. We’re currently looking into what plans they have available for us to get service in Mexico, Central America, and South America. – This is always my first stop for research when I’m looking to buy anything electronic. They’ve got great reviews on everything you can imagine, and they offer thorough buying guides, too. Even better, I’ve always found the buying links through their site to have the lowest prices around. – a wonderful site for the techies among us. It’s a website with a huge number of blogs on all things technological, from cameras, to Twitter, to operating systems and more. You’ll find all the reviews on the latest, greatest topics on technology here. I’ve been reading it for a number of years, and I appreciate knowing what’s about to come out before I make a purchase on anything.

David Pogue’s Technology Blog – one of my favorite technology writers; I love his attitude and he writes really well too. David writes on a variety of technology topics, anywhere from reviews on cameras and televisions to customer service from technology companies and “green” autos. He’s very detailed and very well balanced. We love reading his blogs as much for his comments as for the high quality of his reviews.

McDonalds Wireless – if you’re traveling by car, this site lets you know the locations of McDonald’s restaurants that have wireless. (Note: there is a fee for the wireless, as McDonald’s partners with local providers.) – offers global roaming services for a set fee. They claim to have over 100,000 hot spots worldwide, and they offer monthly plans from $8 for mobile phones, to $10 for unlimited US access to $59 for unlimited global access. They have hot spots at hotels, cafes, public buildings, airports, and restaurants, including over 14,000 McDonalds locations.