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Adventuring Through the Americas by Bicycle

Where are we now?

Nov 15th
Big winds and cold weather this week have made life on the boat interesting. Still figuring out how to live in such a small space. Been working on a getting a kitchen of sorts set up and figuring out where to store things. Love our roommates, Chris and Xavien. Getting to know the crowd better. Love these guys! Headed up tomorrow to Kemah on the Gypsy North for the weekend regatta in Kemah. May crew on a boat for the races.

Nov 10th
Spent the day sailing a boat from west Galveston to Kemah, up near Houston, with Chris Kemp and Jim Blankenship. Rosemary took the tiller for an hour or so. Very peaceful and very exciting. Caught a ride home by way of Angleton, arriving at the marina well after dark.

Nov 9th
Getting settled in now in the aft cabin. Love going to sleep and waking up to the sound of waves lapping at the boat and wind in the rigging. So peaceful! Got several new photo albums posted. Check them out. No internet here, so we’ll be bicycling back into downtown for wi-fi.

Nov 7th
Finished packing in the morning, said our good-byes at noon to Elizabeth, and bicycled with all our gear over to the Galveston Marina. By nightfall we were somewhat settled into our new “home” in the aft cabin of Chris’s forty-two foot sailboat, Gypsy North, at the marina.

Nov 6th, 2012
After spending the day packing in preparation for leaving on Wednesday, we went for a nice long evening sail (thanks to Scotty’s invitation) out of the Galveston Marina on a forty-two foot sailboat (the Gypsy North) with an incredible group of folks. Definitely a ten or above on the interesting-and-fun scale. Bicycled back to Elizabeth’s well after midnight (closer to one, actually).

Nov 4th, 2012
Had a wonderful time hanging out leisurely at the Lone Star Rally with Randy (from Hallo-wine fame), wearing our new artsy and attention-getting Frilly Pepper hats. Discovered Blaze Anti Fog for sunglasses and motorcycle face shields – it really works! Found U-Turn Ministries proprietary salsa, too. Wow is it good! To top off a wonderful day, we met Scotty, a sailor and pedicab rider. Ended an incredible day with Scotty giving us our first-ever pedicab ride.

Nov 3rd, 2012
Spent today volunteering at the Gritty Goddess Mud Fun Run. Got some wonderful photos of the participants. Then we wrapped up the day by swinging by the Frilly Pepper booth at the Lone Star Rally to say hi.

Nov 1st, 2012
Went to the Lone Star Motorcycle Rally tonight. Wandered the booths, listened to the bands, took photos of amazing motorcycles. Really nice people, fun booths. Looking forward to going back tomorrow!

Oct 28th, 2012
After thorough housecleaning and recycling for Elizabeth, we headed off for another round trip to Houston to pick up Elizabeth, who was arriving from Thailand. Stayed up until the wee hours of the night listening to her wonderful stories about Thailand.

As always
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What are we doing?

We are Rosemary Taugher and Chelsea Taugher-Dias – mom and daughter – and we set off in June 2007 on a self-contained bicycle trip exploring approximately forty-five countries and international territories. We’ll be gone about ten years, maybe longer.

So far we have cycled the Atlantic Coast from Key West FL to Boston MA and adventured our way up to Bar Harbor ME. On the Pacific Coast we visited Seattle and skipped down to central California, where we cycled from Santa Barbara through Los Angeles and beyond. We then cycled the Gulf Coast from New Orleans LA to Corpus Christi TX.

After a lengthy but highly successful re-organizational break in Florida, selling our house and downsizing our lives to near-zero, we spent a few months in South Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, getting caught up on our writing projects.

By fall of 2012 we hope to be in Mexico, finishing another book. Where we start riding again depends on when we complete our writing.

We’ll spend a year in Mexico, two years in Central America, and four years in South America.

After South America we are cycling the Caribbean islands, including the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, and the Bahamas.



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