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Photo Gallery

We have set up our photo galleries on Picasa Web Albums. Follow these links to see our photos by section. We will add photos to the galleries as we go, so be sure to check back until we are out of each section. Each link will take you to that exact photo album in another window, so you can close out the window and come back to this page to click the next link.

Once you are in an album, you can click the slideshow button in the upper left corner above the photos. The slides will automatically start. You can then click through the photos using the left and right buttons, or click the “play” button and the photos will scroll through.

The slideshow is set to give you 4 seconds per photo; you can set them to scroll faster or slower by clicking the plus or minus symbols on the left and right of the number of seconds.

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US – Louisiana & Texas 2012

Galveston 11-08-12
Lone Star Motorcycle Rally – Day 2
Lone Star Rally Motorcycles
Lone Star Motorcycle Rally
Galveston Gritty Goddess Mud Fun Run
Moody Gardens Kids’ Halloween
Galveston TX 10-21-12
Annual 3 Amigas Hallo-Wine Party
Stella & Dot Party
Pleasure Pier
Disney Magic
Galveston 5K Run/ Walk
Crystal Beach to Galveston TX
High Island to Crystal Beach TX
High Island TX
Winnie TX to High Island
Oak Grove LA to Winnie TX
Rm’s Birthday and Marsh Birds
Holly Beach
Oak Grove LA
Creole Marshes 2
Creole Marshes 1
Rutherford Beach
Oak Grove and Lake Charles
Gueydan Marsh N. Pure Oil Rd
Gueydan Marshes
Around Gueydan
Gueydan Bike Rides & Daily Views
Gueydan 07-24-2012
Gueydan 07-23-2012
Gueydan 07-17-2012

US – South Carolina 2012

South Carolina 06-30-2012
South Carolina 06-08-2012
South Carolina 06-07-2012
South Carolina 06-06-2012
South Carolina 05-20-2012
South Carolina 05-05-2012
South Carolina 04-29-2012
South Carolina 04-29-2012 – Bull Sluice
South Carolina 04-29-2012 – Bull Sluice – Blue Hair Group
South Carolina 04-29-2012 –Bull Sluice – Ziggy Group
South Carolina 04-26-2012
South Carolina 04-14-2012
South Carolina 04-10-2012
South Carolina 04-09-2012
South Carolina 04-01-2012
South Carolina 03-29-2012
South Carolina 03-27-2012
South Carolina 03-24-2012
South Carolina 03-22-2012

US – Louisiana 2012

Last Day In Gueydan
Amanda’s Birthday
Around Heuetta’s And Gueydan
Bike Rides
Sailing Lake Arthur
Cajun Wedding
Chee Weez
Mardi Gras Lafayette 2012
New Orleans Mardi Gras 2012 – 3rd Parade
New Orleans Mardi Gras 2012 – 2nd Parade
New Orleans Mardi Gras 2012 – 1st Parade
New Orleans Mardi Gras 2012

US – Florida Break 09-12

Florida Break 02-18-12 Final – Leaving Delray Beach
Florida Break 02-15-12 Birds, butterflies, and squirrels
Florida Break 02-05-12
Florida Break 12-31-11
Florida Break 12-24-11
Florida Break 12-22-11 Gumbo Limbo
Florida Break 12-01-11 to 12-22-11
Florida Break 11-27-11
Florida Break 10-11-11 to 10-31-11
Florida Break 09-03-11 to 9-30-11
Riding 8-14-11 to 8-30-11
November to July
Easter Dog Parade
Riding in December and January
Surf’s Up!
Fishing At Boynton Inlet
Racing Sunrise
Summer 2010 Delray Beach
Memorial Day and more
Chugging Along
Mother’s Day and more
Meeting Amanda’s Mom
Paul, Denise and Chandler
Delray Affair
St. Patrick’s Day
Boynton Inlet
Super Bowl
Around Delray
ACA mtg, bike rides & haircut
Delray Beach FL – At Home
Delray Beach FL – Christmas & New Years
Delray Beach FL – Boynton Inlet
Delray Beach FL – At Home & Downtown
Delray Beach FL – Bike Rides & Boynton Beach Inlet
Delray Beach FL – Halloween & Bike Rides
Loxahatchee River FL
South Beach FL
Delray Beach FL

US – Gulf Coast

Texas State Aquarium – Corpus Christi TX
Rockport TX
Port Lavaca to Rockport TX
Port Lavaca TX Vol. 2
Fishing in Rockport TX
Port Lavaca TX
Palacios to Port Lavaca TX
Wadsworth to Palacios TX
Brazoria to Wadsworth TX
Angleton to Brazoria TX
Angleton TX
Boating near Surfside Beach TX
West Galveston to Surfside Beach TX
Galveston TX
Winnie to Galveston TX
Port Arthur to Winnie TX
Oak Grove LA to Port Arthur TX
Lake Charles LA – Gators On The Geaux
Lafayette, Gueydan and Lake Charles
Oak Grove LA – More Training Rides
Oak Grove LA
Sailing Oak Grove to Lake Arthur LA
Festival International, Reagan’s & Alyson’s bday party
Oak Grove LA – Training Rides
Oak Grove LA and surrounds
Oak Grove LA – Easter
Lake Charles Mardi Gras Museum
Lake Charles day trips
Pecan Island to Oak Grove LA
Lake Arthur to Pecan Island
Sailing – Bayou Que Du Tortue Lake Arthur
Lake Arthur
Sailing – Mermentau River
Sailing – Lacassine Bayou
Gueydan Bike Rides
Mardi Gras Parades Lafayette LA
Mardi Gras Run-Parade Photos – Courtesy of Jaimie Snoddy
Mardi Gras Run
Mardi Gras Ball
Jaimie’s Crawfish Boil
In Gueydan
Sailing – Meyer’s Landing
Gueydan Christmas and New Years
Around Gueydan
Christmas Parade Gueydan
Heuetta’s House Crab Boil and Wild Pig Barbeque
Crawfishing with Jaimie Snoddy
Rice Farming in South Louisiana
Thibs Fly-In
Lake Arthur LA – Sailing
5000 Egg Omelet Festival
Gueydan LA – Gator Bone Heap
Halloween in Gueydan
Gumbo Regatta in Lake Arthur
Debbie Fedeli & Pat Hair’s
Fred’s & Festival Acadiens
Gueydan riding photos
Gueydan LA – training rides
Gueydan Homecoming Parade
Gueydan LA – Heuetta’s Gator Fish Fry
Gator Skinning
Gueydan LA Gustav & Ike
Gueydan – The Duck Festival Dancing and Bands
Gueydan – The Duck Festival Parade
Gueydan – The Place
Chicot State Park and Arboretum
Abbeville – Ultralight Flights and Citabria Aerobatics
Lake Arthur LA – Hair Family
Gueydan LA Vol. 2
Stansel Rice Mill
Fred and the Gueydan Ultralight Adventure
Lake Arthur LA
Lacassine Wildlife Refuge near Gueydan LA
White Lake Collecting Alligator Eggs
Gueydan LA 7-10 through 7-20
Final Flight in Abbeville
Trailer Modifications – Fred
Fourth of July in Rayne LA
Abbeville LA
Schexnaider house and Breaux Bridge LA
More Planes and a Cajun Cabin
Around Lafayette LA
Canoeing Vermilion River near Abbeville LA
Thib’s Airfield Vol. 3 Near Abbeville LA
Father’s Day with the Schexnaider’s near Abbeville LA
Near Abbeville LA
Thib’s Airfield Vol. 2 Near Abbeville LA
Thib’s Airfield Vol. 1 Near Abbeville LA
Alligator Farm
Near Abbeville LA
New Iberia to Broussard LA
New Iberia LA
Centerville to New Iberia LA
Centerville LA
Morgan City to Centerville LA
Donaldsonville to Morgan City LA
Oak Alley and Donaldsonville LA
Edgard to Vacherie LA
Norco To Edgard LA
Norco LA
New Orleans LA 5-15-08
New Orleans LA 5-12-08
New Orleans LA Lake Pontchartrain Picnics
New Orleans LA – Wednesday At The Square
New Orleans LA Downtown
New Orleans LA 5-5 & 6-08
New Orleans LA 5-4-08
New Orleans LA – Marigny

US – Pacific Coast

Mission Viejo CA Part 2
Mission Viejo CA
Redondo Beach CA to Mission Viejo CA
Redondo Beach CA
Malibu CA to Redondo Beach CA
Leo Carillo State Beach Malibu CA
Carpinteria CA
Santa Ynez CA
Santa Barbara CA
Seattle WA – Halloween 2007
Seattle WA

US – Atlantic Coast

Dover NH
Bar Harbor ME
Frisco NC to New York NY
Okracoke NC to Frisco NC
Otway NC to Okracoke NC
Goose Creek NC to Otway NC
Goose Creek Bogue Sound NC
Le Jeune NC
Surf City, North Topsail NC
Savannah GA & Wilmington NC
St Augustine FL
Port Orange FL to Beverly Beach FL
Satellite Beach FL to Port Orange FL
Long Point Campground
Port St Lucie FL to Long Point FL
Jupiter FL to Port St Lucie FL
Key West FL to Miami Beach FL

Burley Baby

Baby Chelsea and Burley Trailer